The Zumbro Valley Bassmasters were incorporated on April 3, 1979 and joined the Minnesota B.A.S.S Federation in 1980. The club is a spin off from of the original Hiawatha Land Bassmasters.

In 1983, the club dropped out of the federation briefly and missed 3 State Tournament of Champions. Over the 24 years of state competition the club has had its share of success.

  • Team Competition: First Place (2), Second Place (4) and Third Place (6)

  • Two Minnesota Tournament of Champion winners

  • Alternate tournament champion (2 - the only person in history to win the event twice)

  • B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional tournament winner

  • B.A.S.S National Federation Finalist

The club has qualified 17 members to B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional tournaments and several members have been to the regionals more than once. To date the club has been represented 34 times in B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional Tournaments.  An interesting note is a Zumbro Valley Member will have fished in all 9 States/Provinces in the Northern Division as of 2004.

MN B.A.S.S. TOC Team Competition

First Place

?, 2010
Second Place ?, ?, ?, ?
Third Place ?, ?, ?, 1995?, 2004, 2009


MN B.A.S.S. TOC State Champions

John Stears 1982
Clark Powell 1986
Jaime Warner
(Alternate's Tournament)
?, ?


B.A.S.S. Federation Finalist

John Stears 1991
Brent Haimes 2007
Rick Billings 2008


B.A.S.S. Classic

Brent Haimes
(Check out Brent Haimes' Road to the Classic.)



B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional Competitors  

Brent Haimes 2004, 2007, 2010
Brian Christopherson ?
Clark Powell ?, ?
Don Hanson ?
Eric Ronningen 2004
Jamie Warner 1990
Jay Hodge ?, 2002
John Corfits ?
John Stears ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, 2000, 2003, 2007
Nothern Divisional Champion - ?
Kevin Pose 2000 (did not attend)
Larry Carlson ?
Matt Hanson 2009 (did not attend)
Mike Kepp ?, ? (alternate - did not attend)
Nick Bowlus ?, ?
Rick Billings 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
Scott Skaar ?
Steve Holets 1990

B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional Competitors

Larry Carlson
Don Hanson  
Scott Skaar  
Brian Christopherson  
John Stears *f# (10)  
Nick Bowlus (2)  
Clark Powell * (2)  
Jay Hodge (2)  
Steve Holets  
Jamie Warner Q  
John Corfits  
Mike Kepp (2) 2002 Alternate but did not attend
Kevin PoseY  
Rick Billings # (5)  
Eric Ronningen 
Brent Haimes # @ (2)
(Check out Brent Haimes' Road to the Classic.)  
Matt Hanson


* Minnesota State Tournament of Champion Winner  
B.A.S.S. Northern Divisional tournament winner  
# B.A.S.S National Federation Finalist  
@ B.A.S.S. Classic Qualifier  
 Alternate Tournament Champion  
Qualified but unable to attend

The Zumbro Valley Bassmasters are a extremely competitive group of fisherman.  The talent in this group is as good as it gets. And with the group working and teaching each other and the next generation of Bass tournament competitors, the list at the top of this page will continue to grow. All that can be said is STAY TUNED...

Club History written and submitted by John Stears.  Rev 10/06/08 by Chuck Campbell